Deep Creek Boat Expo – March 28 and 29!

By Lori

February 10, 2020

Join us for the March 2020 Deep Creek Boat Expo! Explore all-new makes and models and plan your 2020 lake vacation! 

Though we’re currently in the middle of winter here at Deep Creek Lake, we can’t help but look ahead to summertime on the lake. With over 10 miles of gorgeous, still water, Deep Creek is perfect for boating, jet skiing, waterskiing, tubing, and all kinds of other water sports. In February, we hit the slopes, but once the sun is shining and we’re back in bathing suits, nothing can keep us from diving off the docks! 

Photo courtesy of Garrett County Chamber of Commerce.

Boat Expo!

On March 28-29, Deep Creek’s Outdoor Fun and Boat Expo will hit AG Heritage Hall in Garrett County! This expo will display all the latest and greatest in water-vehicle technology. A boat expo provides consumers access to special pricing and big displays where vendors, dealerships, even owners come to showcase their products of a wide variety. Of course, you’ll see all the latest and greatest with 2020 boats and water toys. Also included are “concept” vessels, meaning boats that aren’t currently in production but are conceptualized and potential future products! Lastly, you’ll also see classics — boats from yesteryear that are out of production but draw crowds. 

Boat shows are social events, and you’ll see fellow boat lovers of all ages gathering to see the wide variety of boats. You’ll meet likeminded folks who are there for all the same reasons as you, and getting just as much enjoyment as you are! For those who are only in it for speedboats, to those looking for the perfect boat to anchor while fishing, there’s something for everyone. 

Delicious Smith Island cake!

This event will also have food trucks for your enjoyment. The event will take place inside the Garrett County Fairgrounds’ Ag Heritage Hall, and the food trucks will be parked outside. Of course, your food choices aren’t limited to the food trucks parked outside, as the Deep Creek Lake area has plenty of excellent options for you. No matter if you’re looking for a melty, cheesy pizza or Maryland’s favorite Smith Island Cake, we have something here who can help you satisfy that craving! 

The whole point of a boat show like this one is to introduce and educate water-lovers to the newest and shiniest boats for your enjoyment, as well as displaying the innovative ideas and well-loved models of the past for true boating fans. With that said, this type of event is just as fun for newbies or those who are just dipping their toes into the world of watersports! Bring the whole family to appreciate the sleek designs and new technologies. 

Deep Creek Lake

We’re so looking forward to the Deep Creek Boat Expo, but it only adds on to what Deep Creek already has to offer. Western Maryland is rich with unique activities and fun for anyone and everyone. The Inn at Deep Creek is the perfect representation of Western Maryland with rustic charm and access to the lake, mountains, and local activities. Central to everything, you won’t miss out on anything while you stay here. 

We hope to see you at the Boat Expo, and who knows? Maybe when we see you this summer, you’ll be bringing along a new water toy!!

Inn at Deep Creek Lake day use dock and boats


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